Dorado Falls ´2011

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The BAU investigate a mass murder at Synalock, an Internet security company located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Five people were shot, while three others were stabbed. By the severity of the killings, the company's CEO, Adam Werner, was the supposed intended target. They also surmise that despite the different styles of killings, there is only one unsub. When Mark and Mary Dolan are later that day found shot to death in their home, the BAU tie the two sets of murders together, the connection being the Dolan's son, Luke Dolan, who the BAU are certain is the unsub. Luke Dolan and Adam Werner were not navy communications men as their official records state, but rather Navy SEALs in the same unit, where Werner was the leader and Dolan the second in command. Dolan seems to be on a mission of some sort and seems to be facing some delusional break from reality. They have to figure out what caused the initial break from reality and what his current mission is. As Dolan had a loving relationship with his parents, the BAU think that Dolan's estranged wife Jenna and their daughter Ally may be his next targets. They also come to learn that Dorado Falls, a secret mission carried out by Dolan and Werner's unit, is playing a part in Dolan's current mission. Trying to find out about Dorado Falls is not as easy as they would like solely because of its classified nature. Meanwhile, Prentiss learns from Morgan that she has to go through recertification training and that he will be her trainer. She later learns from Hotch that what Morgan told her is not totally accurate.

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