Proof ´2011

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The team travels to Durant, Oklahoma, where two females - both low risk in their late teens, long blond hair and blue eyes - were found sexually assaulted then murdered within a three day span. Other similarities between the two murders are that the body dump sites are public, the victims were not wearing their own clothes but rather 1980's vintage clothing, and that the killer used sulfuric acid to blind the victims. From this evidence, the team believes the unsub is homeless, and is using the acid as a measure of power. They also know that the victims are surrogates for who the unsub will actually target, she probably someone he knew from the 1980's. When another young woman named Tammy Bradstone goes missing, she who fits the profile, Morgan and Prentiss, in interviewing Tammy's parents, believe they have uncovered the unsub's identity and who his real target is. They just have to use that information to find a hopefully still alive Tammy. Meanwhile, Reid is angry at those who knew about Prentiss' fake death, but especially JJ as she was the one to who he went to release his emotions about her death, and yet JJ said nothing. Hotch knows that he needs to bring the team back together as a cohesive unit, with a focus on dealing with Reid's issue.

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