I Love You, Tommy Brown ´2012

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The BAU is called to Seattle, Washington, where two couples have been murdered execution style in their respective homes. There is no sign of forced entry in either case, there was no sexual assault, and the gunshot wounds were muffled by the use of a pillow. By the time the team reaches Seattle, a third couple has been murdered with the same MO. Each couple were upstanding citizens and community minded. The team learns that a common link between all three is that each belonged to the emergency foster parent list. The team surmises that the female unsub has access to that foster parent list, and has either lost a child herself or is infertile and wants a child. They also surmise that she is killing in lieu of a child not being in the home at the time of entry into the home. But when the team learns that the same child was recently in each home, they know that the unsub is the birth mother. When they find out her identity, they learn that her mission is not one solely of getting back the child but also the baby's father. Meanwhile, Garcia notices that Kevin and Morgan are having a clandestine conversation, which worries her because the two never talk to each other, nor will they disclose the nature of their conversation. Garcia believes the worse, which to most others would be the best.

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