Supply and Demand ´2011

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Hotch calls an early morning meeting, the first he's called since Gideon left, which raises the curiosity of the team. He tells them that because of budget issues, there is going to be some restructuring at the FBI, and although he would like them all to stay with the BAU, they may be approached by other units. The meeting affects Garcia and Rossi the most, and Rossi ends up having a subsequent late-night meeting in his office because of it. Meanwhile, the team is called to assist in the investigation of a local car accident in which an unidentified male driver careened over a cliff and ultimately succumbed to his injuries. They are called because the murdered bodies of two young adults were found in the trunk of his car. They are later identified as Jake Wattay and Paige Hawley, both of whom are on the missing persons list, each on the list for differing amounts of time and who are from different parts of the country. Because of the nature of their injuries, the team believes there is a group of unsubs. SSA Andi Swan, the head of the Domestic Trafficking Task Force, who receives notification of found bodies within a certain age demographic, approaches Hotch with her belief: that the deaths are tied to an organization she has been tracking for three years that abducts college students for torturous white slavery, which results in a high turnover rate of victims. She currently has a group of undercover agents working the only angle they can: as potential victims. The case takes on greater urgency for Swan when she learns that one of her local undercover agents, Renee Matlin, has missed the last two reporting-in periods. Her notes may provide some answers to her whereabouts and ultimately the location of the unsubs and other victims.

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