Out of the Light ´2011

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A barely alive young Jane Doe is found on a cliff-side road outside of rural Lake Worth, North Carolina, she who seemingly jumped or fell off the cliff. The BAU are called in because many of her pre-fall injuries - stab wounds - are consistent with another Jane Doe body found in the area three years earlier. The BAU quickly come to the conclusion that the unsub is a sexual sadist and predator who is abducting these women and holding them captive, this latest Jane Doe who probably saw an opportunity to escape. Upon arrival in the area, the BAU discover a recently tampered with mass grave filled with other young, primarily blond, women. The latest Jane Doe, who eventually succumbs to her injuries, is ultimately identified as Angela Proctor, who was traveling with her best friend, Marcy Owens, who is also missing and presumed held captive by the unsub. The BAU come up with a suspect named Marcus Talbot, a known past sexual predator who is currently a high school art teacher in Lake Worth. The more the team searches through Talbot's possessions, the more he looks to be the unsub, despite he professing his innocence. But it's what is found buried in his yard that provides the strongest clue to Talbot's guilt or innocence, which in turn hopefully will lead to a still alive Marcy. On a lighter note, Hotch has been asked to coach Jack's soccer team.

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