Corazon ´2011

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Reid is suffering from prolonged headaches and hallucinations, which he has not told the team. The symptoms are exacerbated by exposure to light, which will not be helped by needing to travel to Miami, Florida for their next case. Three people so far in a Latino neighborhood have been murdered in what looks to be some sort of Afro-Caribbean religious ritual. The victims, all murdered in their home (if you count that the one homeless man was murdered where he usually sleeps), had their eyes and mouth covered with shells. Hands or fingers were severed and some animals were also sacrificed. All the victims seemed to have willingly participated in the ritual ceremony before they were murdered, meaning that they knew their killer. The team's task in finding the unsub is made more difficult in that the residents of the neighborhood are suspect of outsiders, especially the authorities. In speaking to Hollis Walker Jr., a local college professor and authority on Afro-Caribbean religions, they learn that there will probably be seven victims in total for a specific ritual which seems to be in play. Julio Ruiz, a worker in the local soup kitchen where all the victims frequented, and his assistant, a former troubled teen named Elian Morales, are prime suspects as they fit all the characteristics of the profile, including actually participating in and understanding the religion. Inconsistent statements lead the team to the unsub. This case is especially illuminating for Reid in dealing with his personal issue.

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