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The BAU are called to Commack, Long Island where Ben Vanderwaal, the third and latest victim of a serial killer, has just been found dead. Each victim was bound, then shot through the head and heart. The two male victims were also mutilated postmortem, but each with a different body part missing, whereas the sole female victim thus far was extremely emaciated prior to death. Rossi requests to stay behind at the office rather than go to Commack since this is his small home town, a part of his past that he does not want to revisit. His request is denied by Hotch since Reid is still not cleared to travel from his injury sustained in the "LC." case. Once they arrive in Commack, the BAU find Heather Vanderwaal, Ben's wife, who was beaten at the scene of her husband's murder but not killed herself. Information from her, and other information from Garcia and Reid, form a connection between the three victims. Each was involved in some aspect of child abuse, Vanderwaal's not yet a matter of public record. Further information from Heather and the nature of the gunshot wounds indicate that the murders were contracted hits. With help from an old local friend of Rossi's, the BAU get the code name of the probable hit man. The case takes a turn when the BAU believe they've discovered who contracted the hits. The case turns from one of trying to find the contractor to discovering who is left on the contract hit list and when they are scheduled to be killed. They discover that the last two names on the list are on there each for a different reason. At the end of the case, Rossi reveals to Hotch why he didn't want to go to Commack for this case. Meanwhile, Hotch misses his family more than ever as Jack celebrates his fourth birthday without his father.

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