Faceless, Nameless ´2009

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The BAU, working on less than four hours sleep after finishing the case of the abducted homeless people taken across to Canada, are called into their next case. A trauma surgeon by the name of Dr. Barton received a note from someone signing it "LC." stating that his fifteen year old son Jeffrey will be killed. If LC. is not allowed to carry out this mission, he will instead kill one other person every day until Jeffrey is dead. Two surrogates for Jeffrey, both Hispanic men, are already dead. Dr. Barton has no idea who LC. is or why he or his son would be targeted. Rossi, J.J. and Morgan keep watch over Jeffrey, who sneaked out of the house to go to school, while Reid and Prentiss go over Dr. Barton's medical files with him. Prentiss, figuring they need an extra pair of eyes to go over the several hundred files, decides to try and find Hotch, who has not been answering his cell phone. Arriving at Hotch's apartment, Prentiss finds that he is not there, but that there are signs of foul play. When Prentiss finds him, he is not in good condition. But she does discover the meaning of LC. and understands who the unsub's real target is. Ultimately, the entire team is notified that Hotch is in the hospital with multiple non-life threatening stab wounds. Although the person who dropped him off at the hospital was unseen, the team knows that it was George Foyet aka the Reaper. Hotch is worried that the stabbings inflicted by the Reaper were just a warning for a more cruel and perhaps deadly attack to come.

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