Lucky ´2007

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In Bridgewater, Florida, nineteen year old Abby Kelton is found dead, the lower half of her body eaten by alligators. Of those parts of her remains still intact, the BAU know all her fingers were cut off at the knuckles, her throat slashed, and religious based satanic symbols carved into her chest. Murders purported to have a satanic ritual component are Rossi's specialty, "purported" as his published theory is that satanic cults do not exist. Because of the religious nature of the case, the authorities interview Father Marks, the pastor at the local church. During the investigation, two other women from Father Mark's congregation go missing. At the medical examiner's officer, they also learn that Abby's stomach contents include ten fingers from tip to knuckle. However, each finger belongs to ten separate individuals, and none of them are hers. When another dead body surfaces at Father Mark's church - that person who fits the type of those people identified as belonging to the fingers in Abby's body - Hotch adds one more missing piece to the puzzle, which takes them to Hazelwood Institute for the Criminally Insane and a possible identity of the unsub. Regardless of his capture, the unsub may get his ultimate wish. This case is especially difficult for Morgan, who abandoned religion after he felt it abandoned him. Meanwhile at her local coffee house, Garcia assists a handsome man she meets named James Baylor - Colby to his friends - with his malfunctioning computer. The fact that he immediately asks her out raises red flags for her since things like this don't happen to girls like her. But after an unfortunate discussion with Morgan, Garcia goes against her and Morgan's initial judgment of Colby and agrees to go out with him. Which decision of Colby's is the correct one?

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