Birthright ´2007

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Three young female college students have gone missing from Fredericksburg, Virginia over the span of six weeks, each abducted from a public place. The dead body of the first abductee has just been found at the Chancellorsville civil war battle field. Her mutilated body was covered with cigarette burn marks. This case is reminiscent of a still open case from 1980 where five dead women were also found in Chancellorsville, with the victims having the same burn markings on their body. The difference is that the earlier victims were prostitutes and runaways. The BAU speak to two people associated with the case in 1980: John Caulfield, the Fredericksburg sheriff working the case, and Karen Foley, a possible victim of the 1980 unsub who managed to escape. Through information given - or not given as the case may be with Foley - Caulfield and the BAU believe the 1980 unsub to be a man by the name of Robert Wilkinson, who died shortly after the original killings stopped. When Garcia locates a connection between Wilkinson and Foley, the BAU have their suspect list of the new unsub down to two possibilities. They have to work quickly as another woman has just gone missing. After the end of the case, the BAU worry that the cycle may repeat itself in another generation. And the satisfaction of solving the case is marred for Hotch by a message from Haley through a third party.

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