Graduation ´2013

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Bonnie has lifted the veil, presumably for a day, but died in the process, yet refuses to reveal so yet during graduation day, which especially Caroline is hell-bent on, even now Kol, embittered by his time in hell beyond, leads a supernatural horror flood all over town. The Hunters attack, but Matt is saved by Rebekah, who thus proves true love, and the Salvatore brothers deal with Vaughn. Seeing Jeremy again has restores Elena's emotions, but she chooses Damon, however badly they fit. Stefano accepts that and leaves town, but is caught by Silas, who reveals being a worse nightmare then anyone realized, and imposes one on Stefano. Klaus returns, surprisingly, to declare his love for Caroline with the perfect gift: lifting Tyler's ban. Damon is shot with werewolf venom, Elena fights Kathryn, who claims she stole her life, over the cure, which gets a novel use. When Jeremy comes to return behind the veil with Bonnie, she pulls off a spell to return him forever, before he realizes she's dead.

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