The New Deal ´2012

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Bonnie has weird dreams with four coffins. Jeremy hangs around with Tyler and invites him in his house. Stephan meets Bonnie and asks her to hide the coffins of Klaus's family. Klaus tries to force Damon and Elena to seek out Stephan and compels Jeremy to stand up in front of a pick-up driven by a hybrid in high speed without his ring; however Alaric saves him but has difficulties to recover. Jeremy kills the hybrid and he takes Alaric to the hospital with Elena. Damon meets Stephan and he tells that he saved Klaus to save Damon's life. Then Damon asks to participate in Stephan's plan against Klaus. Stephan accepts provided Elena does not know the plan. Elena makes a deal with Klaus and delivers Rebekah to him. Then she asks Damon to compel his brother to leave Mystic Falls.

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