Brave New World ´2010

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Caroline awakes in the hospital with hunger and she satisfies with a blood bag first and then with the blood of the night shift nurse. In the morning she finds that she can be burnt by the sun. When Matt tells her that she will be discharged in the morning, she tells that she needs to be released in the night, and he believes that she is worried with the Carnival. Stefan helps Jeremy and Damon is invited by Carol to be the president of Mystic Fall council and he overhears a conversation between Mason and Tyler. Mason is interested in a moon stone and Tyler lies and tells that he does not know where his father has kept it. Damon tells Stefan that Mason has a secret and Stefan learns how strong Mason is. Caroline remembers how Damon has erased her memory and he finds that she is turning into a vampire, and Caroline gives the message from Katherine to him. Caroline is unable to control her blood thirsty and she kills a man. Damon decides to stake her but Stefan protects Caroline.

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