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Ragnar and his followers return to Kattegat and learns that, while his sons survived falling through the ice, Siggy died saving them. Helga tells Floki about the Wanderer who visited them and seduced Auslag. Ragnar decides that they will attack Paris. Lagertha learns that Kalf has taken over her Earldom and demands Ragnar's aid in regaining what is hers. She returns to Hedeby but gets little satisfaction. Rollo consults the Seer who tells him that he has a great future ahead of him. Porenn is ashamed of her scars and doesn't want to be seen. In Wessex, Judith longs for the absent Athelstan and tells Aethelwulf that she is pregnant. The new Viking settlement comes under attack but King Ecbert is determined to keep the peace and sends Aethewulf to protect the Northmen. Aethelwulf has something else in mind.

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