Eye for an Eye ´2014

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Rollo, Aslaug and the others who escaped Jarl Borg's attack on Kattegat arrive in a remote area with poor living conditions. In Kattegat, Borg makes it clear that he is now in charge and that his word is the law. He visits the Seer who tells him what he wants to hear. In Wessex, King Ecbert agrees to meet Ragnar provided they agree to exchange hostages beforehand. Ecbert offers his son Aethelwolf. Ragnar expresses his interest in acquiring land while Ecbert sees the raiders as potential warriors who could assist him in his own territorial ambitions. Before the talks can go any further Ragnar learns of what has happened in Kattegat and immediately returns home where he is quickly reunited with Aslaug and his children. When word reaches Lagertha of what's happened she and Bjorn also want to help. Back in Wessex the Vikings, their forces depleted by Ragnar's departure, come under attack. Athelstan pays a heavy price for his apostasy.

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