Walter Taffet ´2015

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Elizabeth brings Paige to Kenilworth and tells her that she and Philip were hard core civil rights activists when they were first married; she tells him their friend Gregory lived there and was murdered by police. Paige is very impressed and Philip is angry with Elizabeth. The new black FBI agent who always questions Stan (& who Stan dislikes) finds the bug in the pen Martha placed in Chief Gaad's office; Martha tries to deactivate her transmitter. OPR agent Walter Taffett comes in to investigate and sweep the department. Elizabeth, Philip, a highly valued South African black freedom fighter named Ncgobo and Hans get ready to execute a dangerous mission to grab the student and Venter, the one who was sent to stir up the anti-apartheid issue. Clark senses there is something "off" with Martha but he does not know what it is. The mission to grab Venter and student is successful; but the experience leaves the lookout, Hans, feeling like he stepped out of a dream choreographed by Fleetwood Mac.

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