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  • Directors: David Ayer


A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated criminals to form a defensive task force, with their first case leading to a potential apocalypse.

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  • 16.12.2016
  • 23:54.02
who ever said it was shit fuck off
the weird potato
  • 23.11.2016
  • 22:29.42
tbh no point of making it
normal person
  • 22.10.2016
  • 19:43.05
movie was utter pointless shit
  • 12.10.2016
  • 5:32.14
This is the Real SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT In this movie you will see 1- Bad People acting like REALLY GOOD PEOPLE 2- you will see a witch with that can get into your head and at the same time she do not know the plan you have just made 3- Witch that fight more like ninja when she can wipe you from the earth 4- useless Joker 5- witch brother with Massive Power but he can not really do anything except kicking you 6,7,8,9,..........
  • 2.10.2016
  • 22:29.21
its good and it has a lot of action
  • 17.9.2016
  • 10:47.33
iAn Siriban
  • 13.9.2016
  • 7:29.53
Paola Somarriba
  • 29.8.2016
  • 13:49.44
mun olivia
  • 29.8.2016
  • 8:14.09
how to download to this sites???? can you help me!!!:)
  • 10.8.2016
  • 12:56.16
I get into the movie and ride the emotional roller coaster. The Love Harley has for the Joker Oh how I hope I find the woman who will love me that way. Dead shot Bad! Man I need to Practice. El Diablo except for the fire I run with Vatos like that good men who will lay down their life for a homeboy. Suicide Squad is the BOMB! The Art of Watching Films was one of my favorite Classes at Bakersfield College. Mmmm and the Professor, I asked her to be my Valentine in class, a few days later she invited me into her office gave me a valentine and kissed me deeply. Learn the art of watching films! Not everyone knows how to watch a movie.
  • 6.8.2016
  • 1:24.29
OK, movie. Has its flaws. If you're here for the Joker, not the movie for you. If you here for the actual Suicide Squad you will love it!
  • 30.5.2016
  • 14:15.24
this isn't even out in cinemas yet

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