Respect ´2015

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Harvey's Harvard professor comes to see him and says he needs a lawyer and he wants Harvey. But Harvey, because of something that happened between them, he refuses. But Mike convinces him to represent him. It seems like the man has been accused of taking a bribe when he was working on a case, because he was caught with a lot of money. When Harvey asks him where he got it, he answers Harvey knows; from gambling. He can't say that because he could get fired from Harvard if it got out. Harvey thinks he found a way for him to say where he got it and not let anyone know about it. But Mike preps him, Mike realizes that he didn't get it from gambling. Jessica tells Louis that she told Jeff Malone "how" Louis got back in the firm and his name on the door. She expects him not to tell him otherwise. Louis wants one of Harvey's clients and Harvey won't let him have one. But Donna tells him to give Luis what he wants. So Donna gives Louis a client and Louis is so enthusiastic about impressing her that he makes a mistake that blows up in his face.

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