Minute of Silence ´2014

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  • Stars: Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lobo, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen


After they all attend Betty's funeral, Insp. Dillon tells Carlos to forget about investigating her murder and let the unit responsible for the investigation do their job. Still feeling the pressure Carlos turns to the corporate version of Alec and shows him the dead version of Kiera. Alec is upset that the Kiera from the other time-line hasn't been honest with him. Meanwhile, a very agile thief is stealing hi tech objects, including an invisibility cloak, from local hi tech firms. After a similar theft at Piron, Alec suggests it's the work of Liber8 but Carlos thinks otherwise. Elsewhere, a man wakes up after being in a coma for 2 months and has no memory of who he is. All he can remember is the name Kiera Cameron. Kiera visits him in hospital but she finds nothing about him in her database and her presence doesn't jog his memory. Kellog informs Alex that he's in breach of their contract and is suing him. Kellog has also been hiring away some of his employees. Alec has a solution for that.

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