The Watchers on the Wall ´2014

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A terrified Gilly arrives at Castle Black with her baby and Sam hides them in the food larder before joining his colleagues to defend the castle. As the Wildlings prepare to attack Ygritte makes it clear she wants to be the one who kills Jon and the attack is indeed savage. Ser Allister goes down fighting before putting Jon in charge and Pyp and Grenn are among the King's Guard slain though Jon puts an axe in Styr's head and the boy who survived the village attack kills Ygritte as she is about to do the same to Jon. Tormund Giantsbane is captured and put in chains but Janos Slynt goes to pieces and hides in the larder with Gilly. The attack is repulsed but Jon is aware that there will be a second wave and sets out alone to prevent it by killing Mance Rayder.

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