To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings ´2014

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Sarah and Helena are traveling together to Cold River to find out more about their clone past and specifically the person who Helena refers to as the Swan Man. This trip marks the first time that Helena has felt a sense of freedom in a long time. This freedom, however, may ultimately cause problems for her. Sarah's quest for information takes her to some unlikely places, or more precisely to some unexpected people. She gets some help in this quest by Art and Felix, who have the information obtained from Maggie Chen's storage unit. Felix, however, is often in a state where he isn't much help. But what Sarah discovers may be all for naught if the people who are tracking her and Helena independently, namely Paul and Mark, are able to accomplish their mission in abducting the pair. Cosima is as worried about her own health as she is about Sarah's concern over getting Cosima's affliction. But Cosima has other more pressing concerns in the form of the new addition to the research team, that person who seems to know more about what's going on than she would like. Alison runs into a familiar face in rehab, that person who she is slow to warm to. However, he also being in rehab may not be all a coincidence.

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