Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est ´2014

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Rachel returns home to find Rosen dead, which she takes out on Sarah and Cosima. She also makes Paul an offer he can't refuse, even if he wanted to. In this new position, Paul decides to use Felix to help Rachel. Leekie, unlike Rachel, shows that his plans veer toward the truly scientific, he who provides Cosima and Delphine with some information about the clones' past. Feeling indebted to Helena for saving her from Rosen, Sarah decides to help Helena within the bounds of what Sarah believes is right. Helena may have thoughts of her own about what she wants to achieve. But she also provides both Art and Sarah with some information about Maggie Chen, which they in turn use to find out more about Rachel's past. Cal and Kira are still hiding out in Cal's motor-home, Kira who hints about Sarah's "sisters". And Henrik and Bonnie have Gracie confined for what she did regarding Helena, which Gracie may have to pay for in more ways than one if Helena is not retrieved.

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