Nature Under Constraint and Vexed ´2014

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Rachel has kidnapped Kira and Mrs. S. While trying to elude Rachel's thugs herself, Sarah has to decide whether to trust Paul as the person who has the best access to Rachel of those she knows in order to get Kira back. All Paul does tell Sarah is that there is a black tie event at Dyad at which Rachel will be in attendance. Sarah decides that she needs to attend the event - Cosima who already is an invitee - but has no plan beyond knowing that she will need to get in there with concealed gun in hand. With this scant outline of a plan, Sarah enlists the help of Felix and the other clones, although Sarah does end up enlisting their help also without their knowledge. Meanwhile, Cosima has decided to trust Delphine, Cosima's grand plan which is to take control of her own "biology" in dealing with her illness, as opposed to providing Leakie with this information. Alison wants her life to return as close to suburban normal as possible, which includes immersing herself into her community theater production, a possibly difficult task as the spirit of Aynsley hangs over the production. And Art and Angela are no longer officially working on the case as there is no case to work on, but they cannot let go of what little information they have on hand, especially as Art knows that Sarah was about to tell him everything just before she was sprung from jail.

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