Conditions of Existence ´2013

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After spending the night with Paul, Sarah begins to wonder whether a dream she had had the same night - of being examined by doctors - was in fact real. She believes Beth was spying on Paul and searches his apartment. He was once in the military but at his work, she finds that his desk drawers are empty. Sarah is almost caught out when Paul notices that a scar on her neck is no longer there. Vic's partners want their cocaine back, and later, he can't believe his eyes when he sees Alison - thinking she's Sarah. At school in Minnesota, Cosima continues to analyze the blood samples found in Katja's briefcase. She also meets a French exchange student, Delphine Cormier, to whom she finds herself attracted. Meanwhile, Alison harbors suspicions about her husband and is convinced he is hiding something. She takes her own steps to find out what it is.

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