Variation Under Nature ´2013

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Having learned from Alison and another lookalike, Cosima, just what they are, Sarah thinks they've got it wrong. Cosima told her that if she wants to learn more than just the basics, she'll have to turn over the briefcase. Sarah learns that Beth has been reinstated by the police review board and she is called to the scene of a murder - Katia's grave. She turns to Cosima for advice and gives her the briefcase. Cosima doesn't know who shot Katia but needs Sarah to continue posing as Beth if they have any hope of finding out. Art Bell gets an anonymous phone call from the killer about Katia's death telling him where to look for the site of the shooting. Sarah learns what Beth's $75,000 was meant for. Sarah and Art follow a lead and she comes face to face with the killer - another clone.

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