In the Dark ´2014

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Despite Julia's gesture of goodwill, Big Jim is still determined to take charge of "his" town. Facing a powerful dust storm, Rebecca tells him they need to erect a windmill and spray water into the atmosphere inside the dome. When Big Jim looks for support however, he finds that most have turned against him. Sam, Junior and Barbie set off down the tunnel they've found leading out from under the high school. A explosion leaves Junior on one side of the rock fall. He locates Joe, Norrie and Melanie and tells them of the danger they're in. They head to the lake to try and retrieve the egg. Sam and Barbie meanwhile continue their search down the tunnel and come to a cliff edge with an apparently bottomless abyss below. Barbie soon realizes who is responsible for Angie's death.

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  • Stars: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford

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