The Fourth Hand ´2013

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Julia takes Barbie into the woods to show him the mini-dome but it has vanished. A search through the woods yields little information. After Barbie and Sheriff Esquivel arrest a drug user, they first hear of a new drug, rapture. Jim arrives home and finds Maxine, the head of the drug operation, waiting for him. She was in Chester's Mill the day the dome appeared and has been lying low ever since. It turns out Barbie knows her as well. Big Jim wants to disarm everyone in the town. Junior visits Angie at the diner but she collapses and says 'the pink stars are falling'. Angie starts to think Junior's comments about not being well may have some merit. When Joe, Angie and Norrie finally locate the mini-dome and the egg, they also realize the assistance of a fourth person will be required.

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  • Stars: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford

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