There Is No Normal Anymore ´2009

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  • Stars: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman


As the Visitors continue negotiations with the United States and other countries to establish diplomatic relations, opponents begin to slowly piece together the extent to which they have already infiltrated human society. FBI Agent Erica Evans is still reeling over the realization that her FBI partner of seven years was actually an alien. Her cover story for the warehouse shooting soon falls apart but she and her boss soon discover clues into the web of deceit that exists. They also realize that virtually anyone could be one of them. Erica is also worried about her son Tyler who is enamored with the Visitors and the pretty Lisa in particular. His response to a group of hecklers damages his chances of remaining in the aliens good books. Finally, TV journalist Chad Decker decides to get back at Anna and the Visitors by hosting an honest discussion on the pros and cons of opening diplomatic relations with them.

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