The One Where Rachel Is Late ´2002

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Rachel is getting tired of being pregnant and is in a bad mood, wanting the baby to arrive. The gang are scared of Rachel's temper, but they show great tolerance to her. Joey's big movie premiere is going to take place that night. Everyone except Rachel wants to go, but Estelle tells Joey that she only has one ticket because she sold the rest on Ebay. Joey picks Chandler because of all the support that he has given to his career. Later, Monica and Phoebe are betting about the date that Rachel's baby will born. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler are in the movie premiere and towards the end Joey sees that Chandler has fallen asleep. Angry, Joey asks Chandler some questions about the movie. Chandler doesn't answer any of them, and Joey confronts him about falling asleep. Joey is disposed to pay back all the money that Chandler lent to him. him. Later, Rachel and Ross are visiting the doctor and they ask for some home remedies that help to induce labor. The doctor says that there're many, like spicy food, taking long walks, an the most effective - having sex! Rachel wants to try everything, even sex, but Ross has his doubts about having sex with Rachel. At home they're trying them all and Rachel starts to flirt with Ross but when he finally gives in Rachel's waters break.

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  • Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

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