The One in Massapequa ´2002

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Everyone is preparing for the 35th Wedding Annyversary of Jack and Judy Geller. For this event, Monica wants to make the toast instead of Ross, and she's considering talking about the subject of Chi-chi, the family dog. Phoebe's date is an extremely enthusiast man, Parker who likes to make a big fuss about everything. He starts with Rachel, telling her about the "miracle of birth." In the party everyone starts to make jokes about Parker and his ridiculous comments about the freeway, the city and after he takes a "mental picture" of the moment. Phoebe hears their jokes and gets angry, arguing that she has never criticized them and that Parker's enthusiastically way of see life isn't all bad. But eventually she realizes that Parker indeed makes a big fuss of everything: the plates, the food, the oysters, the place. Joey tries to convince her that there's nothing wrong about Parker and encourage her to have a good time with him. Later, Monica's toast is a big mess, because she starts to talk about Chi-chi. Jack and Judy ask Ross to say some words, which are very touching as always, making Monica feels frustrated. At home, Phoebe tells Parker that he's like "Santa Claus with Prozac". They have a fight, but excited Parker finishes asking "Isn't this the greatest fight that you ever had?"

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  • Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

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