The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin ´2001

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Joey is tickled pink when he gets a Catholic Italian immigrant part in a rising director's next period film, until his agent tells him it has an essential full frontal nudity scene. Just as Monica has convinced him a movie career is worth showing his family jewels he finds out that the roles means he shouldn't be circumcised, which he is so Monica promises to attempt to make something that should help. Cousin Cassie Geller stays with Chandler and Monica until their wedding, but as the little girl has grown into a supermodel since they last saw her, Chandler's ogling requires her staying at Ross's apartment instead. Alas the incest factor doesn't stop them flirting hotly. Rachel and Phoebe remember that in two days they have to throw Monica a bridal shower. Arbitrarily calling people from her address book results in a weird crowd neither of them knows and they both forgot to invite the bride.

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  • Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

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