The Truth About Unicorns ´2014

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Carrie is let free out of prison. Lucas is waiting on her. As they pull away, a blue Dodge Charger is following them. Presumably it is her husband. But, it could be one of a myriad of people who have grudge including Rabbit, Gordon, Chayton, or someone from the FBI. Lucas notices the car, but he does not let on. Lucas and Carrie spend time together. They talk, have a meal, go to a flea market, and they case a jewelry store. Carrie finds a stuffed toy unicorn. It reminds her of a story that she used to tell Deva when she was little. Carrie buys the unicorn as a present for Deva. Lucas spots the Blue Charger several more times, but it turns out to be a false alarm upon investigation. It is just a young homemaker buying groceries. On the way back, they take a little detour. He takes her to the house that they talked about so many years ago. It is a nice little place where they could hide from the world. Lucas' healthy fantasy life brings him great dreams of this perfect life with his Anna. Agent Racine follows them to their little getaway. He tries to make a deal for them to team up again Rabbit. He tells the Sheriff that he know he isn't Lucas Hood. He was at his interrogation 15 years ago after the diamond heist. Before the deal is made, a sniper kills Racine. The false alarm in the Blue Charger was not so false. Carrie and Lucas stop the sniper. However, the dream house was burned to the ground along with Racine's body. Back in Banshee, a pensive Lucas tells Sugar that Rabbit came after them.

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