The Warrior Class ´2014

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A young Kinaho girl, Lana Cleery, is murdered on Amish land. She was dating Solomon Bowman, the younger brother of Rebecca. Hostilities ensue between the Kinaho and the Amish. Accusations are made back and forth between the families of both groups. During the investigation and questioning of both Kinaho and Amish, the Sheriff's Department learns that Lana Cleery was once dating a Kinaho boy named Tommy Littlefield. When Tommy found out about Solomon, he started sending her threatening emails. Hood and his deputies decide to go on Kinaho Moon reservation to speak with Tommy Littlefield. That proved to be most difficult as they had to go through Chayton Littlefield first. An angered Chayton wipes the floor with Lucas Hood. He throws him around the room like a a rag doll. Rushing to their boss's aid, the other deputies crash through the windows. Eventually, they subdue all the Red Tail gang members including Chayton, but not without plenty of scars and bruises of their own. Back at the station, Hood has a surprising visitor. Jason Hood, the son of the real Lucas Hood comes to town. He is not surprised that his father is dead. Instead of exposing Hood, he asks for help. Eventually, a bat and pipe wielding swarm of Kinaho men descend onto the Amish farms to force them to turn over Solomon. Kai Proctor comes to the aid of his people. He and Burton give them an impressive Banshee style beating and send them back home. While this is going on, Rebecca is searching for her little brother. She is attacked by a man wearing all black. He chases her through the forest. She makes it back to the search party headed by Lucas. He goes after the man. Lucas is injured, but he does get a couple of shots off. One of which clips the man in the leg.

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