The Thunder Man ´2014

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Lotus visits Proctor concerning the bodies that were dug up last month. Proctor has nothing more to say about them. However, Lotus learns that those men were last seen the day Lucas Hood came to town. Carrie has her trial. She is sentenced to 30 days in prison. Her husband, Gordon Hopewell does nothing to help. It seems DA Hopewell is calling the shots from the sidelines. Deputy Kelly's abusive ex-husband, Breece Connor, returns to town with extreme consequences. He asks her to drop the restraining order so he can accept a job locally. She tells him to take the job, but that leads to him trying to worm his way back into her life. Alex Longshadow blows up one of a Proctor's beef trucks. He demands his money back from the casino truck heist. Nola Longshadow kidnaps Rebecca Bowman. She and her brother hold Bowman for ransom. Proctor sends Lucas Hood in after her. Hood fights his way in and reached the Longshadows and Bowman. He convinces Alex to let Rebecca go. Carrie gets off to a violent start in prison. Even though she was counseled to not engage, she gets into a big fight in the chow hall. The Deputy Kelly and Breece Connor conflict comes to head in a big fight. Deputy Kelly is a different person from the one who was once abused by Connor. She now has the ability to protect herself. Connor learns there are consequences to beating up on women in Banshee.

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