Little Fish ´2014

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The fallout from the rescue of Sheriff Lucas is at hand. With the kidnapping of children, attacks on the Sheriff's office by Ukrainian gangsters, the use of illegal weapon, the torture of a Sheriff, civilians working with local law enforcement to rescue said Sheriff, and the deaths of several Ukrainian gangsters, the State Department has sent Special Agent Racine is in town to investigate and clean up the mess. He holds a hearing for all involved. He has sworn interviews with Sheriff Lucas, the three deputies, and Carrie Hopewell. Racine was not interested in speaking to Job or Sugar. When Racine sees Lucas for the first time, he stares at him for a long time as if he knows him. During the questioning, Lucas sticks with the story he and Carrie concocted. He affirms that he has no idea why Rabbit came after him or had his men shoot up the Cadi. Interviews with the deputies Lotus, Yawners, and Kelly revealed that the most deadly of the rescue team was Mrs. Hopewell. Carrie testifies that she was not having an affair with Lucas. She went on the rescue because Rabbit kidnapped her son. She testified to putting a bullet in his chest and one in his throat. The results of the hearing: Lucas is Sheriff again, because he had surrendered his badge and gun to Agent Xavier. He was nothing more than a victim of Rabbit. Deputy Lotus was in charge. He is giving a 18 month probation. Deputies Yawners and Kelly get 12 month probation. Everything coming out of that office is under review of Racine's office. Carrie Hopewell is remanded to the local District Attorney. She is being charged with reckless endangerment and use of illegal weapons. Gordon Hopewell is not allowing Carrie to see her children or live in the house with them. This isolates Carrie and forces her to turn to Lucas, Job, and Sugar for support. She joins the heist of the armored car.

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