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The Kindred, a biker gang, arrives in Banshee during the Annual Spirit Festival. Carrie catches the eye of several of the Kindred. She is forced into an alley and attacked. Sugar comes to her defense. He does well for an old man, but is eventually rendered unconscious when hit from behind with a pipe. They leave Carrie alone with an armed member who is intent on raping her. Deputy Kelly comes to her rescue, killing the perpetrator in the process. That single act will initiate a series of devastating events. The Kindred decide to stay in Banshee until their man Tally is avenged. They start by attacking the festival. They drag people through the city on their bikes. The Sheriff's department is greatly outnumbered, outmatched, and unprepared. Dozens are hurt and injured by the attack. The only person that did any good was Rebecca. She was able to stab one of them with a knife. The Kindred are not finished. They turn their attention to Deputy Kelly. They slash the tired on her vehicle. They lure her out of her house and then burn it to the ground. Lucas trades the last piece of evidence against Proctor to him for the location of the Kindred. Lucas attacks their hide out. They were completely unprepared for the Lucas. In Banshee style, he disable all of them. He renders them unconscious and has Job take them to a major city where they each had major warrants against them.

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