Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead ´2013

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Lucas sets off an alarm while trying to steal a painting from the Harrisburg State Museum. The security system boxes him inside the museum and prevents his escape. He contacts Job to help him break out. When Carrie calls him to tell him to stay away from her and her family, she finds out she is on a job and decides to help him. While this is going on, Job finds himself the object of demeaning and bigoted comments about his appearance from three jackasses in the restaurant. In Banshee style, Job takes care of the three punks and makes them his bitches. Carrie arrives and help Lucas escape. Not so surprisingly the two still have the magic and still work well together. Senator Schumacher is pressuring Lucas to solve the case and bring justice for his son. On a hunch and because he wants to get to know her better, Lucas brings in Deva to look at some pictures to see if she can identify anyone. Carrie is less than thrilled about this. However, Deva is helpful and identifies Arno Webber as an associate of Hanson, the man who organized the rave and sold the tainted drugs. After Lucas and Deputy Yawners arrest Arno from a neo-Nazi commune, they learn that he has proof that Proctor killed Hanson. They go to Proctor's home to arrest him. On the drive back to the Cadi, they are attacked by the Moody's. They want to get revenge against the Sheriff for killing their brother Marcus. While the idiots are arguing amongst themselves if they should kill Proctor too, Lucas escapes and takes them out one by one. In the process, he rips off the ear of one of them - "Half deaf is better than all dead".

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