La sonrisa de Jonás ´2009

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A theater group that was going to act for the children in the hospital put off the performance, so Gimeno and Esther prepare an alternative spectacle with the help of some of their partners, including Maca. Boni passes his exam and gets a place as a new titular nurse of the SAMUR team with Diego and Raúl. Carlos goes to the hospital in order to accompany Claudia in her proves, that reveal that the twins are OK. Déborah's mother is at hospital and the girl discovers that she lets Guillermo see their baby Judith. Jose is tired of waiting for Rai; they both like each other but he can't forget Lola, so their relationship doesn't advance. Raquel is always complaining about the hospital, she thinks that many improvements are necessary. Jacobo and Leyre celebrate his the 8th anniversary of their wedding. Alicia decides to break up with Waldo and invites Héctor to dinner.

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza

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