Es tan fácil morir ´2009

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The SAMUR attends the injured people of a gunfire in a school.Later, in another exit, Valeria is hurt and, to consequence, remains blind. Raúl supports her all the time, but this does not make it change opinion with regard to him and Boni, which can lose their employment through the fault of Valeria's decision. Mayarí loses the baby she was waiting and decides to go away of Spain, leaving alone Waldo, while Alicia continues with Héctor. Teresa's son has fought with his wife and comes back home, since he does not want to share a room with Guillermo, this one must leave the house. Javier, who has decided to occur the hand, receives a call: the hangman of Vilches has died and this one can return to his normal life. Leire decides to excuse Jacobo and to give him a second opportunity, nevertheless she realizes that is not capable of continuing with him. Jacobo has realized that there is something between his wife and Fernando and warns him not to approach her. After Maca's aggression to Bea this one wants to denounce the pediatrician. Esther goes to Bea's house to speak with her and convince her, but Bea only wants to come back with her and threatens to commit suicide. Finally, they both fall to the emptiness.

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza

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