¿Blancas o negras? ´2008

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza


Mónica has Lola's key and asks Rai go with her but he's not sure as he's still distraught over his girlfriend's death. Guillermo begins his work at hospital. Javier continues his rehab but his arm does not seem to improve its mobility. He's worried about the possibility that it is inoperable and Fernando confirms that it is getting worse. The Samur staff is worried about the boy who painted the ambulance because he though that his father's death was the Samur's fault. Héctor has problems with his neighbors now that he is the president of the neighborhood committe. Waldo is preparing his wedding although he is in love with Alicia, and she is angry with her decision of continuing with Mayarí. Claudia returns happy after her weekend in Marseille with Aimé, who is also very happy there according to Claudia. Esther and Fernando have different visions about how to help poor countries. He tries to show Esther his point of view. Raúl suspects that it might be his anniversary, but it's not sure and doesn't know if he should buy a present for her or not.

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