Un hombre. Todos los hombres ´2008

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza


Déborah and Guillermo, who are on the verge of becoming parents, aren't in a good moment of their relationship; moreover, she decides that her parents will take care of their daughter. Héctor and Susana are also in a not very good moment. Fernando's son doesn't want to abandon the hospital because is scared about coming back to prison. Esther has doubts about her relationship with Bea due to he fact that she is married. Sofía present a complaint against Maca for the election of Waldo as the resident of transplants, because doesn't accept that she wasn't the chosen one and believes that Maca doesn't like her. Mayarí's brother goes to the hospital and hits Waldo (also his best friend) for canceling the wedding and hits him. Rai is not well and his emotional situation reverberates in his work up to the point of putting in danger the life of a patient.

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