La llamada de occidente ´2007

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  • Stars: Antonio Zabálburu, Ángel Rouco, Marisol Rolandi, Fátima Baeza


Isabel's teenager daughter, Arancha, has disappeared and she's feeling very nervous. Carlos and Maca try to calm her and help her to solve the situation. Lola feels attracted by Aimé. They met and go to his house, but he suffers a heart attack when they were going to spend the night together. At the hospital, Claudia, Aimé's ex, notices that Lola wears a shirt of hers. Esther begins to suspect about Maca's infidelity. She tells Teresa that she has discovered a lie while Maca continues with Vero. Raúl, who knows about the infidelity too, tries to tell Esther, but she says she already know. Esther says that doesn't know who is Maca's lover, but doesn't want to know. Javier and Mónica continue with their relationship while Héctor is worried because he's the last in intervener in a long and difficult operation of a child. Moreover, his VIH's portator Susana and him are thinking of having a child and Hécor is looking for information about the risks. Vilches has just gone out of prison and is in Ourense, spending a few days with a couple of Galician friends from university, Antonio and Adela. He tells Vilches that Adela and him can't have children but they are going to adopt. However, the woman suffers a sudden attack and die at the moment. Miguel continues in the teraphy and acoses Carlos and specially Merche. Teresa come back with her husband.

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