Blood Bath ´2014

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Everyone is shocked when they find Ma Petite's bloodied and torn clothes in the woods. They believe a coyote might have taken her and Elsa is particularly upset. Ethel isn't buying her act however as she is convinced Elsa is behind it all. Ethel should have kept her opinions to herself; Stanley soon has another specimen for the museum. Elsa goes on a recruiting mission to find a new member for the show. Gloria Mott meanwhile tells her psychiatrist about Dandy's pleasure at torturing and killing animals when he was young. A young boy once disappeared as well. She gets Dandy to go see the doctor but he isn't too happy when he realizes just what the he's up to. They also have to deal with Dora's daughter Regina who drops in to see her mother. When Gloria tells her she's out, Regina decides she'll just wait for her to return. Dandy has a solution to his problems. With the help of several of her new friends, Penny seeks revenge on her father.

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