I Am Anne Frank: Part 1 ´2012

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A new arrival at Briarcliff Manor claims to be Anne Frank. She stabbed a man who made an anti-Semitic remark. When she sees Dr. Adler, she accuses him of being a doctor who worked at Auschwitz. Sister Jude is at first dismissive but soon begins to believe her. Adler gets help from a most unexpected source. Meanwhile, Kit tells Grace what Dr. Adler has been doing to him and she in turn tells him why she is in the hospital. She was accused of butchering her father and her stepmother after her stepsister accused her of the crime. Lana tells Dr. Thredson about their attempted escape and he offers to help her. She agrees to aversion therapy. Thredson also tells Kit that he sees no useful purpose in having him executed and is prepared to lie for him - provided he's prepared to face the truth.

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