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Carrie has now been in the psychiatric ward of the hospital for three weeks back on her meds. She is on a no visitor directive. She does whatever she needs to do to get dismissed, even stating that she appreciated what Saul did for her in getting her admitted. Wanting to get out is despite she herself knowing that she is not in full control of her faculties. She also learns that someone has come by wanting to see her, that person who she is certain is Saul. However, that person has different thoughts as to Carrie's future than she probably has in mind. Meanwhile, Brody, who is on a hit list and who has a serious gunshot wound in his abdomen, is in Caracas, Venezula, being assisted by people with who he has a mutual friend. He is somewhat between a rock and hard place as all his fake ID has been stolen. He is being housed in an uncompleted high rise which has now been taken over by squatters. He doesn't fully trust the people who are helping him, especially part of the medical treatment, he who wants to head to a mosque for sanctuary. Those helping him, however, tell him that this situation is the end of the line for him, which he may not be able to accept.

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