Tin Man Is Down ´2013

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Now director Estes is dead and Brody disappeared, the decapitated CIA morns over 200 casualties and fears for its very existence unless a congressional commission can be appeased despite its hostile chairman. Saul Berenson is promoted director, seconded by Dar Adal, who pushes him to go ahead with a coordinated lethal strikes on six main henchman in different countries, alas without the director, of the Iranian Revolutionaru Guard secret division which is held responsible. While most are killed from the air, Peter Quinn must penetrate a Caracas mansion to manually eliminate the 'banker', which alas also results in a collateral child casualty. Carrie foolishly waves her father's questions about failing medication and tequila abuse, but after a press leak Saul is forced to expose her mental disorder and blame her alone for the Brody debacle. Chris is the near-ruined Brody family's rock of strength, while mother and her mother wine and Dana returns after therapy where she fell in love again.

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