Marine One ´2011

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Vice-President Walden and his team are making preparations for the announcement of his candidacy for President, and several different factions are on their own mission for the event. David tries to convince him that if he is set on going ahead with the announcement at this time, that he do it in a more secured setting as Walker is still at large. Walker has to find a way into the secured zone to be able to have clear and undetected access for his shot. Brody not only prepares himself for his final suicide bomb mission, but also videotapes a confession for later viewing about his view that the Vice-President, who ordered the attack that killed several children including Abu Nazir's son but who publicly blamed that attack on Al Qaeda, is the true terrorist. Brody has to decide if he will ultimately go through with the plan or if there is another better option about which his backers will support. In Brody's preparation, Dana believes she understands why her father has been acting so unusual of late. And Saul has been placed on on-the-ground security detail, while he concurrently works on Carrie's theory, which leads to him finding a redacted secret document, the blacked out details on which outlines the Vice-President's involvement in that attack. If Saul finds out what is underneath the black ink, he will have to decide what to do about it. The one person standing on the sidelines is Carrie. After coming down from her high, she is now in an extended low as although she is officially listed as being on administrative leave, Brody ratting her out effectively means that her tenure with the CIA is over. In addition, she truly was in love with Brody. As Carrie emerges from her low, she still is determined to attend the Vice-President's announcement to figure out what's going on, including Brody's true motivations for ratting her out. What she sees at the event leads Carrie to do what she feels is best for national security, at the threat of her own mental health, about which she takes drastic action.

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