Road Trip ´2013

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Avi brings Sully back from LA. However Sully is not traveling alone, he brings his better half with him. Avi's journey becomes ever more troublesome, as the Sullivan's and their dog cause considerable delay. Avi decides to rest at a motel to alleviate some tension. Mrs Sullivan makes a very serious mistake, a mistake which Avi has to clean up. Conor asks Ray to go to an award ceremony with Tommy Wheeler, and arrangement that seems simple upon request. Things get complicated as more photos of Wheelers indiscretions are threatened to be exposed by Marty Grossman at the award ceremony. Before the ceremony takes place, the photos and the threat need to disappear, a job that Ray has to take on if he wants to win Conor back. Tommy considers the conservative approach, and Ray decides otherwise. Agent Miller puts more pressure on Mickey, and decides upon using a wire when Mickey next meets Walker. Ray contacts Frank again and questions him why the evidence against Miller hasn't been released. Frank gets an interesting dilemma from Ray, and decides that releasing the evidence is the best choice. A celebratory drink between Mickey and Agent Miller ends abruptly as Mickey makes a bold decision on how to deal with Millers "under the table" investigation into Ray, Ezra and Sean. Sully finally arrives in LA to discuss the terms of the deal he made with Ray.

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