The Desert Rose ´2013

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Investigating the murder of sports star Cody Benbow's girlfriend, Patrick's ample preparations prove fatally flawed for an unfortunate uniformed cop. Instead of actually punishing him or at last Lisbon for utterly failing to supervise, CBI director Bertram just sends them to a faraway desert hellhole. There forensic expert Brett Partridge, like Bertram on the red John suspects shortlist, identifies the accidentally dug-up, two year old, yet posthumously moved corpse of businessman Yardley, reported missing by his openly relieved wife Madison, whom he was divorcing, as she can now evict stepson Gavin, who has a terrible record. The victim had an appointment with a dodgy debtor. Patrick however sets up HQ at a nearby motel, taking great interest in staff and cooking. To his dismay, Lisbon fails to respect his secrecy command about the shortlist, telling Grace, who told Wayne, who tells Cho. This enables Red John to strike at the team.

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