Strawberries and Cream: Part 1 ´2011

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Alan Dinkler (27, no record) robs Drake Vermilion's Sacramento cash office he works in for a mere $50,000 from the much richer vault, so Patrick assumes the real target were the customer names he also had. He is killed at Gupta's gas-station with two uniformed cops who ignored his please to go away by the remote control bomb on his chest. Dinkler's roommate was hot at home, probably as accidental witness. A vague message in the restroom leads to a trap location where Lisbon is fitted with a similar bomb vest. Jane finds her and makes her obey instructions, only to turn the tables on the culprit he already guessed, but who is killed by LaRoche in a fishy escape attempt. The only interesting customer name links to the Hightower case and thus to Red John.

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